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How Sleep Affects You

How Sleep Affects You

You may feel that you can get by with only 4-5 hours of sleep, but think again. Your body needs at least 7 hours a night in order to function at a peak performance level. If you find yourself hitting the “2 o’clock” wall, find it difficult to pay attention, or take little snoozes throughout the day, you need more sleep. Watch this video and see sleep actually can affect you.

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“I woke up feeling tired and thought there was nothing I could do. Sleep Specialties diagnosed what was causing the sleepless nights and helped me get a good night’s sleep. Thanks!”

--Rachel McClure

View of One of Our Bedroom Clinics

“Real” Bedroom Clinics

Our clinics come standard with bedrooms that resemble a typical home bedroom. We want you to feel comfortable, which will allow us to get a better reading on your sleep patterns.